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[cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo SR1 RC1 is complete

The maintenance repository and EPP packages are complete for our warm-up maintenance candidate. We call it "warm-up", simply because its main purpose is to remind us how to build together and contribute to the maintenance release ... that is, it is not a true candidate for release. We will start producing the real candidates in a couple of weeks, with 3 short chances to conclude (RC2, RC3, RC4). See the release plan [1] for complete details, but the last aggregation build concludes on 9/15.  Please try to make each of those three RCs true release candidates ... fewer and fewer changes, if any.

Project leads especially, please keep an eye on the repository reports. [2] Even for maintenance, a few missing about.html files, and an unsigned jar have slipped back in.  (I try to open bugs when I can, but, honestly, I should not have to, for such major things as missing about.html files and unsigned jars).

As always, let us know if questions or problems.



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