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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] i18n standard folder


Generally, Eclipse plugins do not ship i18n by themselves. Each plugin usually comes with a "Messages extends NLS" class that reads label in a "" that you can find at the root of the bundle through a call to "initializeMessages". The contains english labels.
The other languages are provided to this bundle by fragments that contain a "messages_[locale].properties". Then the Messages class will resolve label by reading the messages in the fragment too. Then, there is no i18n folder. The Babel projects provide language packs (ie fragments for one project and one language)

To sum it up, here is the usual organisation for i18n:

* src/org/eclipse/bundle/



On 12/08/2011 14:26, Daniel Pastore wrote:
Hi guys,

I was wondering if is there a standard path for the i18n folder in the eclipse plugin structure.
I usually see it in something like src/plugin_name/i18n, but I couldn't find any definition of the "correct" path.

Any guidance is most welcome!

Daniel Pastore
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