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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] builds stuck on Hudson?

2011/8/12 Nicolas Bros <nbros@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

For a few days, I've noticed jobs (mainly virgo) filling up all the hudson-slave1 slots. These jobs at the moment :
virgo.osgi-test-stubs.snapshot : Started 3 hr 34 min ago
virgo.medic.snapshot : Started 6 hr 20 min ago
virgo.artifact-repository.snapshot : Started 6 hr 24 min ago
virgo.test.snapshot : Started 2 hr 44 min ago
virgo.bundlor.snapshot : Started 23 min ago
virgo.osgi-extensions.snapshot : Started 5 hr 6 min ago
with 8 more virgo jobs waiting in the queue on hudson-slave1, and 7 more jobs from other projects further in the queue.

I'm wondering if these are normal durations, or if there is something wrong with Hudson?

maybe this is related to the replacement of the NFS servers
JGit tests are failing since then, see [1]. Also one of the most recent
JGit builds failed since hudson failed to delete artifacts from an older build [2].


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