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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno aggregation builds are ready, and Indigo has moved to 'maintenance'

The Indigo aggregation builds will now use the 'maintenance' url instead of 'staging' as we move towards Indigo SR1.

I have setup and started the Juno aggregation builds, using the previously contributed indigo b3aggrcon files as a starting point. I have promoted the initial Juno test-build to the staging repo, and confirmed the current results are nearly identical, as would be expected.

There are a few things to point out:

* If anyone was in Indigo, but will no longer be in Juno, please let us know, so we can remove your project files sooner rather than later.

* The Indigo builds will continue to use the 0.1.x version of the b3 aggregator, installed on Eclipse 3.6, whereas the Juno builds will use the 0.2.x version, installed on Eclipse 3.7. You can get these aggregator versions from different b3 repos, respectively:

For this reason, I recommend you keep separate instances of Eclipse-aggregator-workspaces, one for Indigo, and one for Juno to avoid issues or confusion.

Other than that, and the usual name changes, the procedure for Juno is like last years. See

I expect next week to be busy, since we are doing our first Indigo SR1 RC1 (warm-up) build, at the same time we will be creating Juno M1.

Speaking of dates, the Planning Council has finalized the milestone dates for Juno, as documented at

I will update the google calendar soon. The only change from previous version was the M6 end date and M7 start date change by 1 week, so they'd each be a balanced 7 weeks now, and fit in better with EclipseCon.

Questions welcome.

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