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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Maven Repos

CDT builds are dead in the water because of this. We need a working tycho 0.13 SNAPSHOT. Can we put things back to the way they were until you get this properly mirrored?

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> If you are accessing any external maven repos besides maven central and
> Sonatype OSS please let us know on
> .  We are setting up
> to act as a proxy to any external repos.  The goal is to have
> all maven builds use to obtain their artifacts.
> We will be setting up a settings.xml file with the necessary mirror
> redirection once we have the majority of the repos we need setup.   This
> should help the foundation with bandwidth, and also help with accessibility
> of your builds.
> We will also be planning to work out deploying of Snapshots and Releases to
>, but first we want to get the necessary mirrors setup.
> Dave
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