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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Juno? First step it to have accurate indigo b3aggrcon files

Now that we've released Indigo, I've turned the Indigo aggregation build back on!

But, its only to help you be sure your b3aggrcon files get updated to your "released" repo.

Soon, I will prepare new files/projects for Juno, and will seed those files with a copy of Indigo files.

So, if you get an "verify error" from the Indigo Aggregation build, please update your file so it is accurate for Indigo released repositories.

After those appear current and correct, I will create the copies for Juno. And, after that, the Indigo files will, of course, be used for Indigo SR1 maintenance. We won't focus on that SR effort for a while (after Juno's first milestone) .. but, it would be good to have accurate files to start with.

Oh, and if not obvious, there will be no "staging" repos or anything produced for a while, these initial, current aggregation builds are merely to verify the repository URLs and content metadata. Nothing will be copied or mirrored. This week.

Much thanks!

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