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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo RC4 ... status after Thursday morning build

1. nothing to add
2. not in any of the zip EPP packages
3. in Parallel Tools Package - I hope that will be fixed soon
4. not in any of the zip EPP packages

(zip EPP package means - I was looking into the Windows builds only, assuming that the Linux and MacOSX builds are similar. The only reason for doing this is that it is much easier to look into the file index of zip archive than it is done in a tar.gz archive.)

Regards, Markus

On 9 June 2011 18:38, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
WOW, the "top four" reports look really good ...

... but, still a few straggling problems with "missing files". I'm assuming these are still "blocking". Below I've tried to summarize what I know ... and what my questions are.
Feel free to clarify any of my mistakes and let us know what the outlook is.

Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.dltk.core.manipulation_3.0.0.v20110423.jar

DLTK also has the one and only "unsigned jar":

which we could live with, if the project can ... but, if you respin to pick up missing file, you might see what's up.

DLTK please report status/outlook/request for spin?

Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.e4.xwt.pde_0.9.1.v20101119-0800.jar
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.e4.xwt_0.9.1.v20101119-0800.jar

Tracked in
Bug 348742 - Missing about.html
Appears could not be fixed today, Thursday.
Papyrus, do you have ability to respin/consume "fixed" bundles, once they are ready? Resubmit on Friday?
I'm assuming not needed for EPP packages?

Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.jgit_0.12.1.jar
Wrong on several levels ... being addressed in
Bug 348891 - org.eclipse.jgit_0.12.1.jar contribution to /releases/staging
I get the feeling PTP will ask for a respin of repo soon. Is this rogue bundle also in PTP EPP package? Either way, probably would need a new PTP EPP package, simply if they respin their build.

Who's addressing these?
Can projects please open bugs, if not done already, and CC me. Status and outlook would be appreciated.
Are these needed/used in EPP packages?
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.emf.java_2.5.0.v20110609-0845.jar
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.epf.common.ui_1.5.0.201105160919.jar
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.epf.common.win32.win32.x86_1.5.0.201105160919.jar
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.wb.rcp_1.0.0.r37x201106080820.jar

Over all, pretty good for 791 features, and 3638 bundles!

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