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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] aggregator files

> When should I update the WindowBuilder aggregator file?

Only when the "release" version is completely ready to use. That may be shortly after you do the move, but if you "leave it invisible" until release (like you are supposed to do) then p2 (and the aggregator) can't really use it yet. So, pretty much have to use "copy" (not move), leave the old one in place, and reference old one in b3aggrcon file, until the final resting spot is usable (visible to p2). Then you can update b3aggrcon file anytime after that. And, then, you can remove old RC4 directory.  Perhaps even all on "release day". There are some slightly different ways to do all this, if projects use composite repositories, but don't think that applies to you. Hopefully those that use composites, know what I'm talking about :) and know what to do.


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Date:        06/08/2011 05:34 PM
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If I plan on moving my code to a new new location for release will I have to update the aggrigator file for WindowBuilder?

I currently have the code here:

the final resting place is:

When should I update the WindowBuilder aggrogator file?

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