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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] at what time should we join Indigo Release Review part 1 call?

Hi Wayne,


Thank you for the explanation. It's really reasonable to replace a call by the offline review (personally, I wasn't really happy to wait almost an hour to just confirm that we are ready to go).


Best regards,

Igor Vinnykov


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No call is scheduled.

We did hold a call last year and--while I thought it was a nice to have everybody together--it didn't add much value to the review process. I decided this year to not hold the call and instead just do what we always do with every other review: monitor the forums and this mailing list.

I did inform this list of my decision earlier this year and nobody argued with me.

FWIW, based on a cursory review of the communication channels, I think all of the projects in "part one" are good-to-go. I'll confirm later this morning. If anybody has any last-minute issues, please let me know.


On 06/08/2011 07:18 AM, Igor Vinnykov wrote:



Does anybody know the time for "Indigo Release Review, p art 1" call today? I can't find a time indication on and will appreciate for clarification.


Best regards,

Igor Vinnykov

Subversive Team



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