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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for our yearly final daze?

How about:

"be sure its mirrorsURL is updated to reflect the new location of the artifacts 
(see "how to enable mirrors")."

Is using "mirrorsURL" a current concept, or is that a left-over from former
times? I had the "impression" that using mirrors works out-of-the box without
any help by special attributes in the  meta data?

If "mirrorsURL" is recommended as of today, could someone pls point to the
documentation what exactly the value of the attribute should contain.
(I've seen the linked example, but it leaves me puzzling why a reference to
a directory has "formal=xml" if the metadata actually sit in jars??)

OTOH, I'd be much happier if I can avoid manually messing with our final 
meta data *after* everything has been tested.


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