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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] a big problem...

2011/6/2 Markus Knauer <mknauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I'll be offline for the next hours (it's a holiday here in Germany), but there is a build running (very slowly, usually the build takes 2.5-3.0 hours, but maybe this is still a problem caused by the disk array failure this week).

IMPORTANT for the [e,j]git team: Please do not update/change your /egit/updates-1.0 repository, because I am pulling from this one in EPP for now (see mail below). If you need to update anything in this repository, please wait until the EPP build is finished (if you see all 6 testing packages in the URL below you can assume that the build has finished.)

ok, I will not touch it (I am also enjoying the public holiday) until you let me know
your build is over.

I would like to understand what went wrong, could some p2 expert explain what
exactly is wrong in our repository and how we can prevent this next time. I expected
that a successful installation from the repository is a sufficient test, but obviously it
was not. 


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