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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Is signing working for someone after the outage?

We definitely do not want to set directories as world-writable (rwxrwxrwx).

The /opt/public filesystem was inadvertently mounted without ACL support, preventing the signing genie from doing her thing.  I've remounted the filesystem, and I'm resetting the ACLs, so signing should work shortly.


On 05/31/2011 08:27 AM, Dennis Hübner wrote:
Hi Hugues,
I'm not sure that granting write access to all users, is a "right" solution.
I think that the permissions should be:

drwxrwsr-x  2 hudsonBuild     modeling.m2t  2011-05-30 11:19 xpand

Unfortunately I'm not permitted to change the owner to hudsonBuild.
@Denis Roy - How should the permission for
/shared/download-staging.priv/modeling/xyz folders looks like?

Best regards,

Am 31.05.11 10:11, schrieb Hugues Malphettes:
Hi Dennis and Nicolas,

Here is the bug report:

Dennis, I did not report in my email that after the outage I had to
fix the permissions on
hudson was not able to write to it.

If you are running your build from hudson, I suspect that you have
that issue too:
hmalphett@build:/shared/download-staging.priv/modeling/m2t> ls -la
drwxrwsr-x  2 dhubner     modeling.m2t  48 2011-05-30 11:19 xpand

I think it should be:
drwxrwsrwx  2 dhubner     modeling.m2t  48 2011-05-30 11:19 xpand


2011/5/31 Dennis Hübner <dennis.huebner@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Hugues,
we have the same problem.
Caused by:
(Permission denied)
Have you already filled a bug report?


Am 31.05.11 09:47, schrieb Hugues Malphettes:
Hi there,

After the outage yesterday I am having trouble signing my artifacts.
The signing task times out[1] and the file
/home/data/httpd/download-staging.priv/arch/signer.log remains empty.
I suspect that other builds have the same issue and the file remains
empty for them too [2].

In the log of the graphiti build I can see an ominous log:
file group-writable.
[ant] /usr/bin/sign: line 90:
/opt/public/download-staging.priv/arch/signing_queue: Permission
[ant] /usr/bin/sign: line 91:
/opt/public/download-staging.priv/arch/signing_queue: Permission
[ant] /usr/bin/sign: line 92:
/opt/public/download-staging.priv/arch/signing_queue: Permission
[ant] /usr/bin/sign: line 93:
/opt/public/download-staging.priv/arch/signing_queue: Permission
[ant] /usr/bin/sign: line 94:
/opt/public/download-staging.priv/arch/signing_queue: Permission

Let me know if I am missing something,

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