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[cross-project-issues-dev] Is it time to retire the UDC?

I posed this question on the EPP mailing list [1] and have opened a bug [2].

The summary is this:

We've been running the UDC for a number of years now. Despite my own
efforts and the efforts of several individuals, companies, and
university researchers, we have not yet been able to make any really
valuable use out of the data. My sense is that the amount of effort that
we've been spending far outstrips the value of the data collected. And,
as the bug record indicates, we really need to spend more effort to just
maintain the status quo.

Unfortunately, attracting additional committers to the project won't
solve the problem. Ultimately, it's the huge volume of data that the
main problem. Privacy concerns prevent us from making this data widely
available, and careful dissemination to individuals has proven fruitless.

Ian and I have discussed this and we feel that it is time to retire the UDC.

I am concerned about making changes to the composition of the packages
at this late date in our development cycle, but would like to recommend
that we do so immediately to ensure adequate time for testing. I will
plan to archive UDC following the Indigo release.

Your timely input is appreciated.




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