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[cross-project-issues-dev] Babel from SVN based map file -vs- Babel from update site?

Hi all,

When registering a project for Babel two options are presented:
    (o) Map Files   (  ) Update Site

I was wondering:
1) Is anybody using the option to specify an update site?
2) Is anybody using an SVN-based map file?

The reason I'm asking is that Object Teams, which sits on SVN, seems
to be in an odd position:

I registered the project using an Update Site but that triggered, of which I doubt it will be fixed in
time for Indigo (please correct me). Summary: property files are
placed in the jar's root and will not be found at runtime if searched
for in a sub-directory.

OTOH, specifying a map file doesn't sound very promising to me,
because there doesn't seem to be a standard for SVN-based
map files. FWIW, an entries in our map file looks like this

Which should map to these URLs:

Note, that in the first case "trunk" has to be inserted, in the second case the
specified tag path.

Before fiddling around with fake map files to feed into Babel I'd like to know
what's the experience of other SVN-based projects, or projects specifying
an update site for Babel.



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