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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Indigo M7

As far as I can tell, everything is "on track" for easily finishing the common repository on Wednesday, our M7 +3 day.

There are still disabled features or repositories in the following three contribution files:


I know at least some of these intentionally wait until +3 day to re-enable, but thought I'd list them here, in case there is an over site.

And, if I've understood some recent notes, we can remove the mdt-papyrus file ... right? (That is, there won't be a Papyrus EPP Package, right?) [apologies if I've misunderstood].

Let's set 3 PM Eastern as the deadline to get contributions "in", so the repository can be created by approximately 6 PM so EPP packages can be created by first thing "Thursday morning".
What this means is if you can't make it by 3 PM, be sure to notify us here on this list, with expected outlook, etc., so we'll know (if) to wait. And, let us know, Markus, if you need/prefer some other deadlines for EPP packages (I'm working from memory ... which is often faulty :)

Be sure to remember to test our staging repo [1] to make sure everything looks OK. I don't know if there have been any major changes to features, such as features removed from M6 to M7. If feasible, we'll create the release repo as a composite with M6 and M7, but if there are "conflicts" due to feature removals or something, then we will fall back to M7 only. Be sure to let us know if anyone already knows of issues that would make M6 and M7 "incompatible".



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