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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Juno ... ?

Well, at least, ready for Juno planning?

For the Juno release (June, 2012) the Planning Council is leaning towards having 4.2 workbench be the "primary" stream, and still have 3.8 workbench be a well supported stream.

While I hope your Planning Council Reps, PMC Members, and Projects Leads have all been discussing this issue, I thought I'd post a note here for maximum visibility.

Please see for a more specific, but still working, statement of the direction.

One reason it is important to bring this up now, is we'd like to close on this being the "initial plan" in June. (It won't be considered a completely "final plan" until December, as it is every year).

So, I am mostly asking if there is anyone that already knows they can not support both streams? Has a burning desire to stay on 3.x forever? Has given up on 3.x and happily only cares about 4.x?
If there is any clear cases of not being able to support both streams, please updated the "Known Cases" table at above link, specifically
I suspect most of us can have one stream that works equally well on top of either 3.8 or 4.2 (like webtools is currently planning), but please let us know if you are not one of those cases.

Its probably a good time to encourage communication: if you have any issues/questions/opinions about what to do for Juno, please work with your Project Leads, PMCs, and Planning Council representatives to make your views known. As you've probably heard me say before, we in the Planning Council are not in the business of "dictating from on high", but primarily try to synthesize and codify what many projects are "doing already" so your input to your Projects and PMCs is important.


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