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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Smoke testing of Eclipse 4.1 with participating Indigo plug-ins...

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 11:17:03 PM Remy Chi Jian Suen wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 5:10 PM, Stephan Herrmann
> <stephan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> -Object Teams Equinox Integration (Incubation) (also would not install
> >> on recent 3.7 installs when I tried so I just unchecked it)
> > 
> > This, however, should work. I just installed this feature into
> > 3.7.0 build I20110425-1800 with no issues.
> > Do you remember which 3.7 build you used for your experiment?
> No, I don't. It doesn't seem to be complaining on a 4.1 I20110422-0200
> though. So I might've just unselected aggressively by mistake.

Thanks for confirming.

Meanwhile I have an Eclipse 4.1, but trying to install the OTDT into it I'm
stuck at:

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be 
  Software being installed: Object Teams Development Tooling (Incubation) (
  Missing requirement: Object Teams Development Tooling (Incubation) ( requires 'org.eclipse.update.core 0.0.0' but it could not 
be found

I have no idea, how we'd end up with a dependency on org.eclipse.update.core,
but in the metadata the dependency is clearly there. Still dependency analysis
in the IDE gives no clue about what pulled in this dying plug-in.

Any ideas how to avoid this unwanted dependency?
Has anybody else seen it?

The only connection I could see:
- we depend on org.eclipse.pde.core
  - pde.core depends on
    - declares an extension to org.eclipse.update.core.featureTypes
      the EP is declared in org.eclipse.update.core
HOWEVER, Eclipse 4.1 seems to contain the same pde.core and
How come they're not pulling in update.core??


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