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[cross-project-issues-dev] Version numbers in releases

Hey folks. Many Indigo projects have either not provided, or not
correctly specified version numbers for the Indigo release.

If you want your project's version number included on the pages we
produce you'll need to provide this information. If your project's
version number doesn't show up on this page [1] (not currently an
"official" page, just some experimental work to prepare the way for
Nathan), then you need to fix this.

You can specify your releases in the portal :

[project] > [maintain] project info meta-data > release

The version name should include the number (e.g. "1.0.0"). You can
include extra text if you want (e.g. "1.0.0 Helios"), but we'll just
render the number part. Further, the release date needs to be in June
2011. Anything that looks like a milestone (e.g. '1.0.0M2') or rc (e.g.
'1.0.0RC2') will be ignored.

Let me know if you need any help.

Remember that IP Logs need to be submitted by May 18. Unfortunately,
I've hit a snag that I haven't been able to resolve with the new IP
tools, so we're going to go with the existing online tools for now. If
you need help, let me know.




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