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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Indigo M7


i've juts re-enabled EEF for indigo M7. i've added two repository with one that is not filled up right now.

Le 21/04/2011 21:21, David M Williams a écrit :
What ... M7 status already?!

Yeah, it is a little early, but there are a few timely reminders and
early issues.

First, I have promoted a warmup staging repo with everything that's been
updated since M6.

One of the big ones updated is WindowBuilder ... try it out. I haven't
yet, so hope the WindowBuilder team is really ready? I just saw the
contribution file change and the aggregation build still worked.

In fact, what is the status of WindowBuilder? I've heard rumors they
would like to be part of the Java EPP package, but don't recall seeing a
bugzilla open there to discuss, and initiate the work required to make
that happen, so ... did I miss it?

[I'm partially asking openly, here on cross-project, to emphasize that
one thing that's really important for the Simultaneous Release is lots
of communication, so everyone knows what's going on ... even if key
players already know, or it "seems obvious" to some, it's often not so
obvious to others. And, who know, maybe they were only rumors and not
really, or no longer, true?]

The second "early issue": there's several features or repositories that
(still) have enabled="false". I don't recall any history about a few of
them, so will ask here in case I've missed something. But, if I don't
hear anything soon, I'll assume they should be removed from aggregation.
Apologies if this was all explained to me before and I've forgotten.

dsdp-sequoyah.b3aggrcon (2 features disabled:
org.eclipse.sequoyah.device.examples.feature and
emft-eef.b3aggrcon (here, whole repo/contribution is disabled)
gmp-gmf-tooling.b3aggrcon (I do recall this one ... Anthony's said
before it should be removed, so I will).

Third, I suggest the Platform contribute a "warm up" repository early
next week, before their final contribution on +0 day on Friday (4/29).
While that will likely "break the build" (for a few, dependent projects)
it is an easy way to get an early indication of problems, that projects
might need to react to, so there is more time to react, and not such a
ripple effect the following week (5/2 to 5/4) when everyone is
contributing everything final for M7. It does help others contribute
"warm-up" deliveries, so they can sanity check things before their final

Thanks everyone ... everything has been going well this release, and I'm
sure it'll be an easy few weeks leading up to a solid M7!

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