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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Xtext / Late API Change



It seems best to inflict pain now rather than to suffer it in the long term.


Sven Efftinge wrote:
Dear PMC,

the Xtext team has decided to maintain API compatibility for a huge part of the framework for future releases.
For that matter we just started (unfortunately post M6 build) to introduce a couple of x-internal annotations for exported packages
and now use PDE API Tooling to make sure we don't break what is not internal.
We have an initial set of API defined but might have to refine on that a bit until M7.
We won't however change any Java signatures in what is marked as public. It's really just fine tuning the PDE Tooling annotations as well as 'x-internal'.

Ed (Willink) remembered me that we need PMC approval for that because we are past M6,
which I kindly request with this mail. :-)

This step should allow a large part of Xtext users to use the next release as a drop-in replacement, so we really think this is an important step for the project and that it is important to do it now.

Thank you,
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