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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Simultaneous Release Overview

This was a great overview. I did see one inaccuracy about the aggregator including orbit bundles so I removed that [1]. I also added some detail and links .. hopefully not so much as to lose the 'overview' flavor.

For future improvements ....

The webtools project removing datatools and using DTP due to cross-project communication is a poor example (just historically inaccurate), but I couldn't think of a better one right now so will improve that later.

I also think it'd be nice to improve the section on build technologies ... again, I can't do it real quick, and others could probably do it better then I could, but I think the current writeup is a little unclear, if not misleading.

= = = =
As for individual project builds, there are a few technologies that are pretty well used. PDE Build is very common, but Hudson/Maven/Tycho are gaining a lot of momentum. A common use case is to define a version-specific build on Hudson. Hudson does the check out and invokes Maven on the project's top-level pom.xml. Tycho can be configured to build an update site which gets pushed out to our download server.
= = = =

Perhaps others can clarify, but I think PDE Build is used by all the other build technologies (Tycho/buckminster) (that is, it is not "either/or"? But instead "Tycho/buckminster/maven" all provide improved "dependency management" and ... ?  and Hudson ... well, Hudson is an advanced cron job :)  to put it overly simply, but could be said to " ... manage the build timing and additional steps not related to the build per se, such as testing and style checking"? Again, I suspect others can write better "overviews" of these aspects of what is in use in Eclipse build infrastructure, I'm just saying current paragraph could use improvement. Any volunteers?

Thanks very much,

[1] I still "owe" a writeup on how projects should "include" orbit bundles in their features, the brief reason being that products and patches are built on features. (bug 332598)

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Date:        03/23/2011 02:37 PM
Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] Simultaneous Release Overview
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Hey folks. I was asked recently to provide an overview of how the
Simultaneous release is assembled. I couldn't find anything at the level
I needed on the wiki, so I cobbled something together. [1]

If you have a couple of cycles, please have a look to make sure that I
haven't misrepresented anything.



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