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[cross-project-issues-dev] Help with p2.mirrorURL directive

I am the build Person for the WindowBuilder project and we are trying to get our code on to the site.  The Eclipse web master told us:
Your downloads should go here:

If you create a file:

You must use links like this:

Please don't link directly to since this bypasses the mirroring mechanisms.
and we asked
Any special considerations for update sites?
and they responded
 Your would use the p2.mirrorsURL directive, where the mirror URL is something like:

I don't have more info on p2, sorry, but some folks on the cross-project list might be able to help out if you need it.
So I'm asking for more info on the p2.mirrorsURL.  I have done Google searches for it and have not come up with any documentation that explains this directive and where/how to use it.

I'm hoping some one on this list can help me.

Thanks in advance,
Mark R Russell
(724) 473-3140
Release Engineer
Google Pittsburgh

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