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[cross-project-issues-dev] Recent Hudson changes.. Hudson users: you have an action item


As you may know, we've recently made a few changes to our Hudson setup.  The last item on this page requires your attention.

Slave1 and Slave2 have merged
In order to save disk space, we've merged the resources of slave1 and slave2 into a bigger slave1.  It has more RAM and more disk space.  This should also simplify management

New Plugin: Distributed Workspace cleanup

As pictured below, you can now configure Hudson to clean-up stale workspace files on unused slaves.  You are strongly encouraged, but not required, to use this option.

Build Timeout: Required setting

You are now required to set a timeout for your builds, since stuck builds hold up the queue for others.  The recommended setting is 150% the duration of your regular build.  Please configure your project to set a timeout at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend!


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