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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Buckminster-based releng-ers - Including an Orbit's source bundle into the generated P2 repository

Hi All,

Retaking this issue up. I've gathered from a Indigo M5 Modeling distribution the list of orbit bundles which doesn't have the corresponding source bundle in said installation:

- javax.activation
- org.antlr.runtime
- org.aopalliance
- org.apache.batik.*
- org.apache.common.cli
- org.apache.commons.lang
- org.apache.derby
- org.apache.log4j
- org.apache.lucene.highlighter
- org.apache.lucene.memory
- org.apache.lucene.misc
- org.apache.lucene.queries
- org.apache.lucene.spellchecker
- org.apache.xmlrpc
- org.h2
- org.hoksuke.args4j
- org.sat4j.core
- org.sat4j.pb
- org.w3c.*

I'm wondering why there are a lot plugins which don't have corresponding source bundle. Probably, some of those bundles don't need source counterpart, however it looks like there a lot of them which should probably have their corresponding source bundle...

Could anybody put some light on this ? Any tip/suggestion about what to do with this absence of source bundles?

Thanks in advance,
El 22/12/2010 11:13, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera escribió:
Hi Folks,

- Moving the question to dev-cross-project to find any Bucky releng-er who had faced this problem -

Detailed background and information around the issue is in the following forum's thread: <>

As an high level overview, I'm trying to solve the following issue:

In our M4 Modeling Distribution the following bundle, which is obtained from an Orbit's p2 repo, is included into the distribution's set of plugins:

However, the corresponding is not included.

Have any buckminter-based releng-er faced a similar problem ?

Best Regards,

Open Canarias, S.L.
Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera
C/Elías Ramos González, 4, ofc. 304
Tel.: +34 922 240231

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