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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Anyone out there using Tycho?


Sorry about the delay replying. I didn't see your reply until I got back from vacation, and have just got back into the swing of things with this particular project.

On 2/7/2011 12:27 PM, Chris Aniszczyk wrote:
What do you mean "auto-generate" ?

I believe most projects at are using the manifest-first approach with Tycho... so things just work. Are you expecting your MANIFEST.MF's to be generated also?

by "auto-generate" I was referring to the automatic generation of the POM files. For multiple (some as yet unidentified) reasons, Tycho was only generating a minimal POM file.  It specified the Tycho plugin, modules, and basic project tags, however could not build because maven found no source, test source, or manifest.

After further experimentation it seems that the project files are parsed for some of the metadata for POM generation (manifest location for instance, but not the source tree), however, I'm still having to walk through the POM syntax and manually modify the POM in order to get maven to compile the code (This was NOT the case in the example). It appears that this is the result of our project not using PDE to build, and relying upon an external Ant process for the production build. I am surmising that my troubles are the result of the PDE project files not containing key pieces of metadata.

Furthermore, the documentation for Maven 3.0/Tycho is fairly sparse, so I've had to rely upon examples and experimentation to make progress. These were the initial reasons for my query... so I could look at the POM files generated for other projects and thereby cobble together something that would work with our existing project structure.

The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate whether we could utilize Tycho to generate our OSGi bundles with a "manifest-first" approach with minimal impact upon our overall build process, and to identify what will need to change in our project structure and processes. Secondary to the above is to determine the feasibility, and desirability for incrementally migrating the rest of our processes over to Maven.

I appear to have a build functioning well enough that I am now failing due to missing dependencies (which are all local to the target platform, but many are not in any P2, or Maven repository). I'm working on putting them into a local P2 to make headway. In general I am confident that we could use Tycho, the question now is what will it take to do so.


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