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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson problem, moving built update site to downloads directory

The hudson user doesn't have rights to modify any download directories or repository files.


You need a cron job to copy stuff over.

Or you can change your acls


From:        Matthew Heitz <mheitz@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        02/25/2011 03:18 PM
Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson problem,        moving built update site to downloads directory
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I'm setting up builds on Hudson for a new project, and having problems getting the update site moved to the downloads directory.  My build.xml kicks off promote.xml, which should do the job.  Here's the output:

   [echo] Search /opt/users/hudsonbuild/workspace/cbi-edt-nightly/build/ for folders matching "N*" ...
  [echo] Found /opt/users/hudsonbuild/workspace/cbi-edt-nightly/build/N201102251430
  [echo] Found /opt/users/hudsonbuild/workspace/cbi-edt-nightly/build/N201102251438
  [echo] Promote build in /opt/users/hudsonbuild/workspace/cbi-edt-nightly/build/N201102251438 ...
  [echo] /usr/bin/rsync -a --exclude=eclipse/ /opt/users/hudsonbuild/workspace/cbi-edt-nightly/build/N201102251438 /home/data/httpd/
  [exec] rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/home/data/httpd/" failed: Permission denied (13)

When logged in to, I verified that the directories exist, and their permissions are 775.  In my file I have targetGroup=tools.edt.  My account is a member of tools.edt, and tools.edt shows up when I do ls -l on the directories.

Any ideas?

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