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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2 download statistics broken or biased?

Hi David,


As always, many thanks for your insight and suggestions.


Release Checklist:

Yes, preparing a “release checklist” for Indigo seems like a good idea. Not as a “must have” but as helpful guidance. FWIW, my project’s TM Helios Release Checklist [1] from last year is available – I created it as a clone from the Platform Releng’s checklist a while back. I just added point 17a to account for the download stats contribution.


Download stat oddities:

Regarding the “sr0 download stats” still showing up – I can’t see how a CDT 5.0 download would still happen today (the contribution was surely updated, and CDT didn’t contribute stats in SR1 or SR2). I also can’t see how my project’s “example” download stats would still count for sr0 – these are only available through my project’s repo, and in my project’s repo I replaced the sr0 statcounter by an sr1 statcounter back in September, so how could an sr0 counter still count today?


The only guess I can make at this point is that some enterprise distros (like Yoxos or Pulse) can still install sr0 stuff and somehow trigger an sr0 request at some point even though the master site doesn’t stat-count sr0 any more. In the case of the TM examples, they are in fact unchanged between sr0 and sr1 but we don’t have an aggregate repo and as I said our statcounter was changed from sr0 to sr1 (for the same physical bits).


Does anyone else have any more ideas regarding download stat oddities ?







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