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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] SVN Errors in Hudson

Hi Gunnar,

Thanks for the hint. That reminded me that in fact my sources get checked out twice. Once by the Hudson SCM trigger (where it always fails if it fails) and once by Buckminster. I've changed to http: URLs in the job config. Let's see if yuo saved my life ;-)



Am 19.02.2011 16:34, schrieb Gunnar Wagenknecht:
Hi Eike,

Am 19.02.2011 14:14, schrieb Eike Stepper:
Is it imaginable that I locally corrupted the Subversive sync infos?
But how could that influence the Hudson build?

Until by "locally" you mean the Eclipse server filesystem I would say
this is impossible to do. Any local corruption in your workspace on your
development machine cannot influence the Hudson build.

It must have something to do with the setup of your build and the Hudson
environment. I noticed that you fetch SVN info directly from the file
system (file:///svnroot/....). This is great performance wise. But I
suspect that the Java based SVN does have some issues with that. The
file system is served by an NFS server. I recall issues that the
e4/Eclipse releng team hit when working with Ant/Java under heavy load
of the NFS server.

Can you try to use a different Subversion Client in Hudson? If not, can
you update your Hudson configuration to point to a http:// or svn:// URL
instead of the file:// URL?


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