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[cross-project-issues-dev] Closing the Loop - Changing BIRT Indigo Release to 3.7



Based on the feedback from the cross-project list, we have discussed this further in the BIRT PMC. While good points were raised, we have concluded that we will go with 3.7 for the BIRT Indigo version number. It is not perfect but we think this is the better choice for our community.


Two reasons:


A. We need to jump to 3.x due to an API change that although easy to address, does mean applications need to be updated to use the BIRT Indigo release.


B. We’d like to take a small step in the “simplifying the what goes with what” question that we get from the community. While this may change going forward, we know that we could have stayed in sync with Platform release numbers for the last 4 years so there is a good chance we can stay in sync going forward. The BIRT project is part of, and will continue to be part of, the Simultaneous Release, which generally provides an opportunity to stay in sync.


Paul Clenahan / BIRT PMC




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Hi All,


BIRT project is planning to change the main release number from 4.0 to 3.7 for Indigo release.

Considering that the Indigo M5 is quite close, we will not make this change for M5.


The changes will include feature version change and plugin version change, which might affect download stream projects.

Please let us know if you have any questions.






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Subject: [birt-dev] Changing Eclipse BIRT Indigo Version Number to BIRT 3.7




For the BIRT project’s Indigo release in June of this year, our plan continues to be to match the BIRT version number with the Eclipse Platform version number used for Indigo. Going forward, this will make it easier for everyone to remember which version of BIRT is designed to work with which version of the Platform. And with Indigo being the 8th major release of the BIRT project, there is no downside with updating the release number to match the Platform release.


At the outset of the Indigo project, it was an open question whether Indigo would be Eclipse 3.7 or 4.0 – so as a short term measure, we adopted BIRT 4.0 as the working release number for BIRT Indigo. Now that the Indigo release will be designated Eclipse 3.7, we plan to update BIRT Indigo to use the BIRT 3.7 designation.


So, consider this a heads-up that in the next week or so you will see the designation of the BIRT release we are working on for June change from BIRT 4.0 to BIRT 3.7.


Let us know if you have any questions.




Paul Clenahan



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