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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Orbit composite repository and discoveryURL

Am 04.02.2011 09:01, schrieb David M Williams:
> The second question is: Will Orbit take actions to provide us with a
> composite repository in the near future? Or at least with a single
> URL that does never change?

I am slow to respond to some of these complex issues ... because when I read them, in my mind they often sound like "David, will you do more work for us?" :)  Of course, I know that is not the intent. They are legitimate questions and important issues and requests and wish I did have more time to work on them. I'm sure we all do. Many issues have been discussed to death (but, don't give up on them!) and maybe even some proposals made ... but there is a reason that the proposals are not done. No one has stepped forward to do the work. So, I have updated the Orbit bug that makes this repo request, bug 289092 <>, to explicitly ask for volunteers and suggest an approach that could be done independently by someone that would not need to even understand the currently sloppy, complex Orbit build scripts. So, read the bug, and have at it.

As for the 'requires' vs. 'includes' vs. 'line up' discussions, that problem is a couple of orders of magnitudes larger than a little Orbit repo ... so is way over my head to even know how to start, and I will leave up the "experts", as some have asked. Good luck. [Though, I do suspect a bugzilla is the best place to carry on those discussions ... and suspect there are some, somewhere.]
Thank you, David. I'm a software developer and I always prefer automated (or tool supported) processes over processes over no processes. I offer my help to *develop* better tools and services that make it easier to execute all these releng tasks (see also my proposal in ) and that might make it easier for users to consume our builds. But I'm sorry, I can't do more manual releng work than I already have to do for my own projects.



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