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[cross-project-issues-dev] Helios SR2 RC2 and Indigo M5 repos are done

Busy week, eh?

Helios SR2 RC2 is now in maintenance staging area:

Indigo M5 is now in staging:

I will allow Indigo M5 to mirror for a day, and on Friday will "turn on" M5 in the composite at

Just so everyone knows, there were two late arrivals this evening that did not make it, in time, UDC and ACTF. But won't be long to wait. We'll start on RC3 on Monday. I'm going to leave the aggregation builds off for Friday ... let the iron cool down a little while the EPP packages are created and confirmed. Those that were having trouble getting things lined and building should feel free to re-enable/contribute after that ... well, remember, no need to wait ... you can test your stuff locally, if you use the b3 aggregator editor (hint hint :)

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