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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Trying to better understand/follow the process for the final Helios Service Release.

> What exactly is the "staging repository" ?.

I created a SimRel FAQ for "What is the staging repository".

> You mentioned "shortly before/after the final common aggregation build"...
> Do you mean RC4  (RC4 + 1, in my case) ?... Is there any other specific date for this?

The best time for final promotion-of-bits is during the first part of "quiet week".
RC4 ends 2/18, the builds are done and turned off, and the official release is 2/25.
The time in between is for promotion of final bits, extra testing, preparation of webpages, etc.
It is assumed (or, required) that if you promote your bits early in the week, that they remain "invisible" until the release date of 2/25. But, having the bits in their final "downloads" location make it possible for mirrors to duplicate the (large) data over several days in preparation for the release. By "invisible", it is mean these final bits are not listed on any end-user (final) download pages, and are not "seen" by p2. For p2, this means the artifacts themselves are put into their final location, but the content.jar/xml is not; or, better, the composite repo files are not updated until release-day. I have heard of (small) projects, that don't have the ability to do this multi-step promotion, to just promote their final stuff on the morning of 2/25 and make it visible at the same time. This is ok as long as there is just a few small projects doing it ... but big mirror hogs like the Platform, CDT, BIRT, or WTP, must be more careful. (And, really, I don't know if CDT or BIRT are big mirror hogs ... just thought I'd throw in some big sounding ones for illustration. :)

> mirrorsURL attribute for their artifacts repo, they should have "download stats" attributes
>> I don't have any knowledge about what to do with our final release repository... Do you know any wiki page to look into this topic ? Any tool/script available to do it ?.

I had to do a search of cross-project list to refresh my memory (I did that, by going to the archive view of this list, and typing 'downloadstats' in the "Google custom search" box there ... very handy!).

I eventually found where download stats are documented from p2 point of view and some conventions that should be used are also discussed in previous threads on this list.  I don't know if these were ever captured on a wiki somewhere ... if not, it'd be a nice contribution (hint hint)  :)  ... but one of the important ones is no one should track stats on ALL their artifacts. It could overly tax eclipse servers. Just pick a few key features to track, is the advice.

'mirrorsURL' likewise is documented somewhere in p2 documentation.

I remember in some bugzilla somewhere, at some time, people were discussing how badly we needed a common tool to be used to programmatically edit downloadstats fields and the mirrorsURL attributes, but my memory is that no one wanted to "own it" and it end with several example "apps" attached to the bug, and everyone just rolled their own from there, as far as I know. It is likely on cross-project bugzilla component.

Hope that answered a few more of your questions! Keep 'em coming!

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