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[cross-project-issues-dev] strange behavior trying to mirror helios repository

Hi all,

first, i don't know if this is the good place to post, but i think i can reach here the best releng guys ;)

i created a bugzilla for this, feel free to comment in the bug:

see below the contents of the bug entry :

I a m trying to mirror the helios repository using b3 ( with no luck for the moment, due to b3 headless installtion but this is other story )

I created a b3aggr model that just contains a mapped repo of helios.

When i create locally the mirror ( using editor ) , i got a repo containing both helios and sr1 features. so far, so good. but when i try to use it in eclipse ( install new software.. it shows me only the helios feature ( no sr1) .

The strange thing is that whan i browse the repo, all the categories a cloned, one for helios, one for sr1.

i don't understand why, but it seems that the update window shows me only the categories for helios...

Any though ?

fn;quoted-printable:St=C3=A9phane Bouchet
adr;quoted-printable:BP 20773;;7 Boulevard Amp=C3=A8re;CARQUEFOU;;44481;France

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