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[cross-project-issues-dev] Please note Google calendar has had Indigo M5 date listed incorrectly, as one week late

The SimRel Planning Calendar (on Google)  has had Indigo M5 date incorrect until just now, this morning.

It was off by one week, one week late.

The actual plan document at
had the dates listed correctly in its table:  

M5  Friday, February 4, 2011          01/28 to 02/04

The other sense of "correctness" has to do with comparing to last year's (Helios) dates, as well as M6 and other Indigo dates.

Even though the Google calendar is meant as a secondary "aide", I know many start to depend on it as the final authority (myself included) so I know this typo that I made long ago will effect some of us, and I can only hope not too much. But, I do think best to adjust now, rather then "mess up" M6 and other dates.

See bug 355184 for the tracking report, or to leave comments.

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