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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Helios SR2 RC1

Looking pretty good ... here at end of +2 day.

From what I can see, only is currently disabled, and I know the Jetty project is working on that.

There are, so far, 22 contribution files changed from SR1 (out of 56 total contribution files).

We'll be "closing" the "staging" repo "early" on Thursday (+3 day) ... say 5 PM Eastern? ...  to make sure there is time to produce the EPP Packages ... well, Markus said he'd try ... but he needs to adapt/migrate some scripts ... so not sure exactly when will be complete.

I've promoted what has been contributed so far to the "staging" repo, which for maintenance stream is "maintenance", or to be exact

so you can start some early testing, if you'd like. Be sure to try with both it and the released repo enabled,

in order to simulated how categories/features will look/behave in the eventual composite.

Remember that RC1 is a "warmup" release candidate ... just to make sure we can still build, etc., which implies 2 things:

a. There might still be substantive fixes coming in next few weeks.

b. We'd like RC2 to be a true Release Candidate ... try and be "as final" as you can be ... maybe even all done for some projects? ... even though I'm sure there will be fixes coming in each RC, we'd like to minimize changes (hence surprises) in each RC.

Much thanks,

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