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[cross-project-issues-dev] Lucene version problem for DTP

Greetings Eclipse project leads,

We (the DTP project PMC) would like to call on the collective wisdom of the Eclipse projects.

DTP is having a runtime problem with the versions of Lucene (org.apache.lucene) that are shipped with Eclipse.  Eclipse versions up to 3.6 included Lucene 1.9.1.  In Eclipse 3.7, however, the Lucene plugin versions jumped to version 2.9.1.  As part of the version change, the main Lucene plugin (org.apache.lucene) was restructured so that its content moved into a new plugin named org.apache.lucene.core.

DTP makes use of Lucene services to implement one of its views, the SQL Results view.  When run against Eclipse 3.7, the SQL Results view does not open because the required Lucene classes cannot be found.

We build both of the current versions of  DTP (v1.8.2  for the Helios release train and v1.9 the Indigo release train), against Eclipse 3.6.1.  We prefer building on an earlier, known stable Eclipse release to provide flexibility for our adopters, who sometimes want to get the latest version of our project without upgrading their Eclipse base.  And up to now this hasn't been a problem; we have been able to run our DTP builds on "the next version" of Eclipse, because the binary compatibility has been good.  With Lucene in Eclipse 3.7 however, this appears to be no longer the case.

We would appreciate suggestions on how to address this.  Has any other project had to deal with this issue, or a similar one?  


Brian Payton

Data Tools Development
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory

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