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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] conflicting dependencies to Orbit

Am 17.12.2010 12:39, schrieb Gunnar Wagenknecht:
Am 17.12.2010 11:32, schrieb Eike Stepper:
Does anybody have a suggestion what I can do?
Instead of added the plug-in to the "Plug-ins" tab in the feature editor
you could added it to the "Dependencies" using a range. p2 will then
fetch whatever version satisfies the dependency. In case of target
platforms this only works when the "Included required dependency" button
is checked. However, typically an SDK feature "includes" dependencies
instead of "depending" on them.
Thanks for the hint, Gunnar. But that would only work for us if the release train would *include* the Orbit features through other means. I prefer to pay more attention until David addresses the bgzilla you mentioned below.

Except manually checking the Orbit downloads page prior to each build because they may have dropped a new version, which forces me to update my Buckminster configuration (again manually)...
Yepp, that's painful but the only option.

There is a bug request open to provide a convenient Orbit repo URL which
always points to the latest.
+1 for that!



Having such a "cool URL that doesn't change" would be useful for target
definitions. By specifying "0.0.0" in the target definition you can
ensure that always the latest is used during build/compile.


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