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[cross-project-issues-dev] 'Runtime Analisys Tools' joining release train

Hi everyone,

Recently Google announced that it was contributing the
former-Instantiations CodePro Profiler product to the Eclipse
Foundation as Runtime Analysis Tool project. The project in its
current state already supports CPU, Heap, Memory Allocation and Life
Time Profiling for Java . Details of the current project capabilities
and scope are available in the project proposal:

We would like to join the release train and provide major
distributions an option to include Java profiling capabilities.

RAT is meant to be a base for profiling tools in the first hand, so
Eclipse-based products may also use the framework for developing
custom profilers and profilers for other languages. For example it is
quite easy to build PHP profiler tool basing on existing core. RAT is
quite mature and has a history of tracking Eclipse releases (3.2 +

An existing team that worked on CodePro Profiler project at OnPositive
will be joining the project as committers and working very hard to get
it ready for the release train. We are actively looking for anyone
interested to participate.
And finally I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Pavel
Petrochenko, I’m the project lead for ‘Runtime Analysis Tools’ project
and previously I was a project lead at OnPositive for CodePro Profiler
project. On a personal note, we really like the project and are very
glad that Google decided to contribute it to the Eclipse community so
we can continue improving the framework and share the results with


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