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[cross-project-issues-dev] Non indigo dependencies

Is it the case that we can't rely on *any* dependencies outside of the Indigo site, including one's that are available under Helios? Everything works fine for a test install in Indigo M4 as long as Helios is available but otherwise it fails.. BIRT (+2?) has done a major version jump and when I try to install into an Indigo releases target based the install fails because no compatible (2.6.x) is available. These aren't my versionings, they come from the build. It doesn't look like the BIRT build is even on Hudson so I can't track that down right now, but there are a bunch of changed build time dependencies there including wtp, dtp, etc.. so it's going to be a big hair ball to untangle the rmap, etc.. So if I can't find a good location for earlier BIRT, my only other option is to get rid of my BIRT dependencies for M4 altogether and put out a minimal feature.

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