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[cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo M4 +3 status and outlook

Things are looking pretty good, as far as I can see, for finishing M4 common repository today (Wednesday 12/15).

Test Staging.

I have just promoted what we have so far (through +2) to /releases/staging, and encourage everyone who has contributed already to check it out, make sure things appear and install as you intend.

To give a good first, basic test, add or enable the repo at
and disable all others.

Then to give a second test, to simulate the "compound repo" that will exist once we release, enable both the 'staging' repo, but also the /release/indigo repo (which has first three milestones in it). Then to install something from Eclipse UI select "--All Available Sites--" and again make sure things appear and install as you intend.

Check disabled contributions and features.

I also wanted to remind projects that some of you have disabled contributions or features. And I know that most of you that do clearly know that (and, I appreciate the emails, bugs and mailing list posts that keep us all informed), and I am sure you will "finishing up" things on Wednesday. But I thought it deserved a reminder since occasionally it is I that disables something because it was failing, and if you are busy with other things, you might not notice and something could fall through the cracks of distraction and communication. Below is the current list of contributions that contain one or more enabled="false" attributes. And several of these are due to "chain reactions" (such as, since subversive is disabled, buckminster has a subversive specific feature that needs to be disabled ... ). So if you are surprised to see your project file on this list ... better check it out quick! :)

amp.b3aggrcon -
buckminster.b3aggrcon -
dsdp-tm.b3aggrcon - (2 matches)
gmp-gmf-tooling.b3aggrcon -
gyrex.b3aggrcon -
pdt.b3aggrcon -
subversive.b3aggrcon -

Thanks everyone,

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