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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Thanks for M3, on to M4!

With space being a real issue (especially when mirroring) why not switch to a 2 repo system. would always contain the latest milestone, and only the one.  That way all the products' early adopters would not have to deal with the complexity of multiple repos/to many choices.

Then, an indigo milestone repo could be created to hold all of the Indigo milestones.  This second repo would be for those that need to go back for testing purposes, or people like me that have a 1-off problem that I haven't quite solved yet.  We all know we have to take extra steps, anyway.  As an added bonus, the webmasters can specifically exclude this rather large repo from mirroring ... on the expectation it's lower traffic than the current milestone of Indigo.  Indigo gets released, milestone repo goes away.

What do you think, should I open a bug to discuss?


Paul Webster
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