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[cross-project-issues-dev] List to Newsgroup gateway

Hi folks,

I assume from my own experience that most devs use the mailing list as their main comm. stream and find that syncing with the newsgroups is an additional task/action. It could also be that newsgroups are not really in the culture of the project. This could lead to all kinds of misinterpretations like "the project is not active because response/traffic is low on the newsgroup".  

The mailing list software we use contains a Mail-to-News and News-to-Mail gateway. It could make sense to have new posts in the newsgroup automatically sent to the mailing list. 

It could also make sense to have a projects mailing list mirrored to a newsgroup. This makes it easier for the casual reader to catch-up on action while not having to manage mails from the project, it is also (arguably) a better archive then then the mailman archives in terms of ease of access (web indexing) and usability (available tooling).

Just a thought.



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