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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] "modified in the future" warnings

Greg, our clocks seems to be as synced as they can get.  Since the files are all on networked filesystems, I guess it all depends on how precise the build software is.

FWIW, I'd simply ignore the messages if that is practical.  I get the feeling we're talking about milliseconds of difference here.


On 11/05/2010 11:45 AM, Greg Watson wrote:
I'm seeing these messages again.


On Sep 27, 2010, at 1:57 PM, Greg Watson wrote:

Cool, thanks!


On Sep 27, 2010, at 10:27 AM, Denis Roy wrote:

The file servers were still trying to sync clocks with the old (defunct) build server.  I've fixed this, so you shouldn't see this nearly as often as before.


On 09/27/2010 10:10 AM, Greg Watson wrote:

Since the new build server was installed, I'm seeing zillions of the following messages in my build output:
    [mkdir] Created dir: /opt/public/download-staging.priv/tools/ptp/releng/org.eclipse.ptp_ptp_4_0/results/tmp/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.ptp.launch_4.0.0.201009270958
     [copy] Warning: org/eclipse/ptp/launch/AbstractParallelLaunchConfigurationDelegate$JobListener.class modified in the future.
     [copy] Warning: org/eclipse/ptp/launch/AbstractParallelLaunchConfigurationDelegate$JobSubStatus.class modified in the future.
     [copy] Warning: org/eclipse/ptp/launch/AbstractParallelLaunchConfigurationDelegate$JobSubmission.class modified in the future.

It seems like there's an issue with someone's clock being incorrect. Any suggestions?

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