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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for Helios SR1 RC1

Hi Andrew,

Sorry, we should send notifications to cross-project before we made this change.
Yes, we upgraded to rhino 1.7.2 in Helios SR1 RC1 and switched to use the one from Orbit.

According to the comments #4 in :
>>We have org.mozilla.rhino as a dependency solely because BIRT requires it. The
>>dependencies for the Valgrind feature are computed using the feature.xml
>>editor, plus whatever entire features should be installed (CDT, profiling
Which birt feature is required by your projects? It's strange that org.mozilla.rhino is NOT required by BIRT features. It was included in BIRT feature as other BIRT plugins since Helios.
So I think it's not necessary to add the org.mozilla.rhino/org.mozilla.javascript in the require list of your features if you have added birt features already? 


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> There's two projects that were disabled due to (earlier) errors: Jetty and
> Linux Tools
> Can those projects let us know status and outlook for getting into RC1?

I found the problem:

  323049: Rhino bundle renamed in Helios SR releases

If the BIRT team requires this re-name of a bundle, the Linux Tools
project can adapt; it may break our nightly build users who aren't also
using nightly builds of BIRT but at least SR1 won't be broken :)

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