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[cross-project-issues-dev] Declaring Helios SR1 RC1 done

Since our deadline has come and gone, I wanted to be explicit that we'll consider Helios SR1 RC1 "done". I put 'done' in quotes, since there were some obvious big omissions; Jetty and Linux Tools never did get re-enabled. But, since RC1 is a "warm up" I think there's no need for panic.

The EPP packages were created and are available at "nightly build" location:
20100815-1733, being the most recent, corresponding to RC1.
Markus told me there will be no "sign off" on these packages, since warmup, but teams are encouraged to download, inspect, test, etc., as appropriate. We'll be more formal about it for RC2.

I have re-enabled the failing components, I expect them to fail (again) but encourage those teams to continue to work on the problems prior to their normal RC2 drop ... just to make sure they get understood and fixed.

RC2 is not far off ... starting 8/30. And then subsequent RCs are only one week apart. Please try to make each RC a true "Release Candidate", getting your final builds done as soon as possible and skipping subsequent RCs, if you do not need to contribute more fixes. For complete schedule, see


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