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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Need help publishing builds


On 08/10/2010 12:12 PM, Konstantin Komissarchik wrote:

Is there a document, wiki or anything similar that describes what must be done for a project to publish builds? Let’s assume that the project already has a build system and a Hudson job.


I understand that something needs to move builds from Hudson to the downloads server. Then somehow these builds need to be listed on the project page. Then somehow these builds need to be managed/archived by the project team so that the download server doesn’t run out of space.


Has there been anything written that explains this stuff in detail? Let’s assume that the audience is Java developers with Ant or Maven experience, but not necessarily skilled in *nix systems or php. I’ve seen some references to “login to server x and setup a cron job”, which is frankly not very helpful for project teams without a dedicated releng person with admin background. Exact steps would be needed for everyone else.


This is a barrier that Eclipse Foundation should work on eliminating. There is no reason for every project to be doing this themselves and partially re-inventing the wheel in the process. The current approach not only presents an unnecessary barrier for projects getting started at, but also leads to inconsistency between download pages of different projects. Frankly, other OSS hosts do much better in this area.


In the meantime, if no consolidated wiki exists describing all of this information in detail, I will volunteer to put one together if someone will point me at all the pieces of this puzzle and help me figure out how it all fits together.


- Konstantin

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