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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse 3.6 Nightly builds

There's a couple of confusing terms or concepts here. first helios.aggregation build #242 failed. You mean this one, right? Or, something else?

Second, there is no "download" produced by the Helios aggregation builds. There is a repository produced. It is hard to test that repository directly, but
eventually I will promote it to the maintenance staging area. Usually once a day or so, when there's a successful build. And eventually EPP packages are produced from those, and those are downloadable.

Third, none of these have anything to do with "Eclipse 3.6 Nightly" so I fear I may be missing your real question, so please re-ask. Otherwise, I hope the descriptions above help clarify the terminology and different types of builds.

It appears the latest build #242 failed because the Eclipse Platform (and Equinox) updated for SR1 RC1 but RAP hasn't yet ... and RAP has an _exact_ requirement or include for a specific platform bundle version. That exactness is not desirable, of course, but assume the RAP team has their reasons? If it's not fixed soon by RAP team, I'll look into excluding it from the build temporarily so the rest can complete. (That's another advantage of using the b3 Aggregation files and Editor ... its easier to exclude a contribution and easier to add it back later :)


From: Daniel Pastore <kpqb38@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: 08/06/2010 03:11 PM
Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse 3.6 Nightly builds
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Hi all,

I have just seen that Hudson completed helios.aggregation build #242 successfully, but I can't find it to download and test.
Where do they go? (It should be N20100806-1446, right?)

Thanks again,

Daniel Pastore
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