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[cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson status.

Hi Folks,

We've had some issues with our Hudson setup, and while things have been better post Helios it's still not at the same level as other services. As such we're working on a new Hudson deployment in order to address the stability issues we've had with our master instance, and continue to have on our slave(s).

What does this mean to you? Next week we're going to work on getting the slaves connected, and that means the current slave(build2) will be disconnected next Wednesday(August 11). All you should need to do to prepare is to 'move' your jobs back to the current master instance by unticking the 'Tie this project to a node' option in your job config.

Once we've made a formal announcement, you'll be able to get jobs moved by filing a bug(against Hudson) requesting the move. Webmaster will then copy your job from the old to the new and you should be off and running. Now you may need to tweak your job configurations a bit(make sure you're using the correct JVM and so on) but it should 'just work'.

You can find a little more documentation here: .

If you have any specific questions please let me know.



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