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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Using map files with Subversion

Hi Daniel,

[I tried to take this off the list, but motorola didn't accept the email]

On Friday, July 16, 2010 02:38:33 pm Daniel Pastore wrote:
> [..]
> Yes, parts of it, but I still don't understand how is this map file will be
> used in the build process of my project.
> When I checkout/update the code from SVN (either using PDE SVN or SVN Ant, i
> don't see a big difference for my use) I can choose from trunk or any branch
> or any tag or even any specific revision.

Are you saying you are checking out your sources before you start the build?
I probably misread your statement because the purpose of the svn-pde-build
integration is of course to let the build check out your sources.

> So what would be the utility of this map file? (I just see it being useful
> for the Eclipse build, where it points to specific versions of each project)

I see two purposes: 
 * make builds repeatable even long after a release
 * enable independent versioning of various plugins contributing to the
   same feature.
If plugins are versioned independently, you can create a new build that
includes older revisions of some plugins, so that eventually users 
updating to a new version of your feature will only download those plugins 
that actually have changed. Here it is essential that the tag used for 
checkout is also used as the version qualifier of the corresponding
plugin (like, 1.2.3.qualifier will be expanded to 1.2.3.v20100401 if you
check out from tags/v20100401).

If you don't need this, checking out from trunk should be good for you,
I guess. But I think it is good to do all this versioning etc. in an 
Eclipse-ish way right from the beginning ;)


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