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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Using map files with Subversion

On Thursday, July 08, 2010 02:53:53 pm Daniel Pastore wrote:
> Hi all,
> our project (Sequoyah) uses SVN. I was searching about the use of map files
> with SVN for some possible improvements in our development process, but I
> couldn't find anything helpful. In fact, I found only this email:
> Is there any document or updates on this subject that can help me to
> identify if such feature exists on SVN, and if so, how to use it?

Subversive has a section "SVN PDE Build" on their download page:
It has a link to some terse documentation in the wiki (last edit May 2009).

When adopting this plugin for our build I found the usage of "tag"
problematic, specifically when trying to select "trunk" for nightly builds
and an explicit tag for integration builds.

I patched the subversive-pde plugin and uploaded the patch to

I'd appreciate if that version would be generally adopted. Anyway, using 
this patch fetching from SVN works for Object Teams just as desired.


PS: another TODO for this plugin is support for Eclipse-SourceReferences 
headers, see:

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